Privacy Policy

Information We Collect

There are three basic categories of information we collect:

  • Login Information to MLA Websites.
  • eNVD Information required by MLA.
  • Attachment information.

Login Information to MLA Websites

To be able to create eNVDs, even of the most basic type, an MLA login is required. Instead of asking for the MLA login every time you create an eNVD, we store you login information inside the Thorsys eNVD app. It is stored inside the protected data area of the Thorsys eNVD application, and as such cannot be accessed by any other app. If the Thorsys eNVD app is uninstalled, then the login details are deleted automatically.

Your login details are never sent anywhere except to a secure (https) authentication page hosted by the MLA. Once authenticated, we never transmit the user datails again, even with the eNVD, only an agreed security token.

eNVD Information required by the MLA

The information that would normally have been recorded on the paper NVD form is required by the MLA when creating an eNVD. This information incudes your name and address as a consignor, the name and address of the consignee and the compulsory NVD question answers.

Attachment Information

Attachments to the eNVD are selected by the user as existing files, or new images through the camera. The Thorsys eNVD app only transmits these attachments to the MLA eNVD website via a secure upload (https) and stores the attachments in the local app adata folder on your device. As per the user information above, this data is not accessible by any other app, and is deleted automatically if you choose to uninstall.