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  • Thorsys develops and releases the Abtag 2000 product as a replacement of Abtag, and as a low cost option for new sites as well.
  • Thorsys develops a integration model with Platinum Software (Accounting)
  • Thorsys develops and releases ODBC 3.5 compliance for all products, making them the most cross platform product available in the industry.
  • Thorsys develops a Distribution suite of programs allowing for runs/drop off points/transport companies/freight costs etc.
  • Thorsys Tenders for and receives the contract for a full abattoir system at 2 sites for Lakeview Farmfresh Ltd in New Zealand.
  • Two new staff members join the Thorsys team.
  • Northern Co-operative Meat Company (Casino, New South Wales) issued a requirement for the remainder of their abattoir system, 2 slaughter floors (including livestock, receivals, vendor declarations, slaughter floor, erp lookup, EC lookup, hides processing, boning room input) to which Thorsys tendered, and subsequently received the contract.
  • In conjunction with the Northern Co-op, Cassino RSM (Booyong, New South Wales) issued a request for a full abattoir system including Stock Arrivals, Slaughter Floor, Offal Collection, Orders, Carcass Loadout, Carcass Competition.
  • Rockdale Beef Pty Ltd issued a requirement for a full abattoir system, including Slaughter Floor, Boning Room, Loadout, Carcass Loadout, Stock/Inventory, Orders, and Integration to MFG PRO (QAD) Accounting.
  • Three more staff members join the Thorsys team.
  • Highchester Abattoir (Beaudesert, Queensland) accepted an upgrade to the Abtag 2000 system for Y2K compliance (now called Thorsys Small Systems)

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