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  • Installation of the NLIS system at H W Greenham
  • Okinawa Abattoir (Okinawa, Japan) issued a request for a complete abattoir starting from vacant land. Advanced Food Technology (AFT Japan) and Thorsys provided a joint tender, and received the contract. Thorsys is to provide the full slaughter system including Livestock, Slaughter Floor, BSE Sampling, Chiller Assessment, DNA Sampling and Carcase Loadout. The system takes full advantage of the new multi language, .NET development and new RF products.
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 now runs happily on the Thorsys Touch Terminal version 3.
  • Installation of the new loadout service at Valley Beef
  • Thorsys goes .NET (DotNet). After extensive development in Brisbane, Thorsys is about to install the new .NET version of the Slaughter Floor, Carcase Loadout and DNA RF Scanning. The new versions allow for total scale control through parameters, multi threaded background tasking, multi language screens from the same executable, MS ADO database lookups, Terminal Services Updates and more...
  • Thorsys upgrades its RF scanning to 802.11b Wi-Fi products. Using the Symbol PDT8100 or the Intermec 710 Mobile PC's, Thorsys has migrated the DNA collection software to Microsoft PocketPC operating system.
  • Microsoft Windows XP now runs happily on the Thorsys Touch Terminal version 3.
  • Thorsys install a Hide Grading system for Casino Hide Traders (Casino, NSW) integrated to the exiting slaughter floor system at NCMCO. This is a special project done for CHT where CHT retain the rights to the system.

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